Our financial services team operates and is responsible for the accuracy, efficiency, and management of the financial aspects for the District.  This includes budgeting, financial cost accounting, financial reporting, payroll, federal grants management, insurance/benefits, accounts payable/vendors, and inventory/asset control. 

Dawn Martin
Director of Finance

Orpha Hernandez
Finance Clerk

Maria Aragus
Payroll Specialist

Dana McNeil
Payroll Assistant

Shanara Cohens

Zoe Walther

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Vendor / Contractor Information

Jessica Lunsford Act

On September 1, 2005, Florida enacted the Jessica Lunsford Act (JLA). This law was passed in response to perceived public concerns regarding the tragic abduction and slaying of Jessica Lunsford. The perpetrator was a convicted sexual offender, and the enacted law seeks to screen those with access to school grounds to attempt to prevent future tragedies of this nature. JLA requires a Level 2 screening to include fingerprinting, statewide criminal and juvenile justice records, as verified through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and federal criminal records through the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Additional legislative changes were added under State Bill 988. As a vendor under contract with Glades County School District (GCSD), please be advised of the following criminal violations that will prohibit a vendor access to school grounds:

Any offense as a sexual offender (s. 943.0435)

  1. Sexual misconduct with certain developmentally disabled clients and the reporting of such sexual misconduct (s. 393.135)

  2. Sexual misconduct with certain mental health patients and the reporting of such sexual misconduct (s. 394.4593)

  3. Relating to terrorism (s.775.30)

  4. Relating to murder (s. 782.04)

  5. Relating to kidnapping (s. 787.01)

  6. Relating to lewdness and indecent exposure (Chapter 800)

  7. Relating to incest (s. 826.04)

  8. Relating to child abuse, aggravated child abuse, or neglect of a child (s. 827.03)

There is a great level of responsibility placed on vendors and on employees of contracted vendors. Any employee with a criminal arrest for any of the above offenses is required by law, to notify their employing vendor immediately and are NOT permitted on school property. It is the responsibility of the contracted vendor to report the arrest within 48 hours to the Director of Human Resources, at 863.946-0202. A violation of this requirements on the part of the contracted vendor or the employee is a third degree felony, punishable by a term of imprisonment up to five (5) year (s. 775.082) and/or fine up to $5,000 (s. 775.083).

Fingerprinting and Identification

Level 2 screening is required for all contracted vendors of the Glades County School District, all subcontractors, and all employees of such vendors and/or subcontractors who will:

  1. Be on school property while students are present; or

  2. Have direct contact with students; or

  3. Have access to or control of school funds

Required Fees

1. Fingerprinting & Background Screening – All vendors are required to complete a Level 2 fingerprinting and background screening at the Glades County Schools District Office. All Level 2 screening fees are the responsibility of the vendor.

2. Vendor ID Badge – All vendors are required to wear a Glades County Vendor ID Badge while on the campuses of Glades County Schools.

3. Level 2 screening and badging fees are non-refundable

Financial Transparency

On May 27, 2009, Governor Crist signed the Transparency Florida Act into law. This legislation requires the Governor's Office to develop a website to provide specific information on every appropriation found within the General Appropriation Act for each branch of state government and state agency.  The data must include at a minimum: expenditures, appropriations and adjustments,  the status of spending authority for each appropriation and position  and  rate  information  on  state employees. 

The website will be overseen by the Joint Legislative Auditing Committee which will  also propose additional phases of information to be made available.  The committee submitted a proposal directly to  the  Speaker of the House and President of the Senate which includes a schedule of additional phases of information by the type of information to be provided for specific governmental entities including all local government units, community colleges, state  universities and other government entities that receive state appropriations.  

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Budget Transparency

Section 1011.035(2), Florida Statutes (F.S.), requires school districts to present certain fiscal data on their websites for the three previous years, for the school district and each public school within the district, in the form of graphical representations.  This requirement became effective July 1, 2019, as a result of the statutory amendment codified in section 12 of chapter 2018-5, Laws of Florida.  Below are links to the required components: