Board Meetings

Current Meetings and Packets (BoardDocs)

All meetings are held in the School Board Meeting Room located at 400 10th Street SW, Moore Haven.

2023-2024 Schedule of Board Meetings

Public Notice

Workshops are publicly noticed meetings of the School Board for the purpose of exploring matters which constitute the business of the school system. Workshops offer an opportunity for the Board and Board personnel to communicate information and engage in a general discussion. The Board shall take no formal action in a workshop or agree to any decisions with respect to issues which may be brought forward at a regular or special Board meeting.

Before any action is taken on this or any matter that may come to the board for consideration at a future meeting, you will have the opportunity to address the board at that time.

Although the board will not receive public comment at the workshop, if you would like, you can share your comments/concerns in writing or they can be sent via e-mail.

As a reminder, if submitted by e-mail, your e-mail address becomes a public record.